Turf or Sod Drainage Options
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If your home lawn area has a drainage problem, Sod Crew can help! We have solutions for areas of all shapes and sizes. Don't put up with the rain. Call Sod Crew today.


Keeping your commercial space in pristine condition is all a vital part of maintaining your brand. If your commercial lawn space has poor drainage and pooling water, call Sod Crew today!


We also help recreational sites such as sport fields, golf courses and parks to keep their lawns free from water logging, and keep their turf happy and healthy.

Why Does Drainage Matter?

In our damp BC climate, having the right drainage is an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy, lush looking lawn that everyone can enjoy.

Drainage is important in a lawn because it helps to prevent waterlogging and soil saturation, which can lead to a variety of problems that can harm your lawn.

If your lawn doesn’t have adequate drainage, water may accumulate and create pools or puddles on the surface of the lawn, making it difficult for the grass roots to breathe and absorb nutrients. This can cause the grass to become weak and susceptible to disease, pests, and even death.

In addition to damaging the grass, poor drainage can also result in soil erosion, as excess water can wash away soil and other nutrients from the lawn. This can create uneven surfaces, ruts, and even dangerous holes in the lawn, making it difficult to mow and walk on.

Proper drainage is also important for the health of other plants and trees in your garden. Without adequate drainage, excess water can accumulate around the roots, suffocating them and causing them to rot, which can ultimately kill the plant or tree.


Our drainage plan is unique to the needs and terrain of each site

Every site is different. Every area collects and handles rain water differently, and therefore each requires it’s own unique approach to drainage in order to keep the site as water-free as possible.

Our expert drainage technicians will start with a full assessment of your site. Once we know exactly where your drainage issues are, we can set about making a plan to alleviate them and to improve your sites drainage.

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