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Sod Crew Services

Our crew offers expert advice, labour and equipment for the installation, repair & replacement of sod and the design & installation of drainage systems.

Sod Crew

Sod Installation

Sod installation is a tough job. There’s a lot more than just unrolling grass! We come with a team of experienced sod installers and bring our gear to get the job done fast – often the same day – and to make sure your freshly delivered sod stays fresh and roots faster. We can even bring temporary irrigation to make sure your newly installed lawn roots evenly and quickly.

Drainage Installation & Improvement

The Sod Crew also installs complete drainage systems around houses, commercial buildings, fields & yards. When you are installing sod, it is the perfect time to assess and improve your drainage system to ensure your foundations, storage & living areas are fully protected from flooding and heavy rain events. Sod Crew would be happy to assess your drainage needs with you and work with you to come up with a quote and proposal that fits your needs and budget.

Whether you are installing sod on a new site or are replacing an existing lawn or field with drainage problems, we can help to make sure that you get the right foundation and soil in place.

Field Repair

Even with moderate use, sports fields and busy grassy areas can get damaged to the extent that it would take months for the grass to recover on its own, even with extra maintenance and overseeding. Plus, during this period the field can’t be used. We deliver partial field replacements that can be played on the day following installation! We remove the damaged sod, improve and prepare the soil and install thick-cut sod of up to 2 inches thick.

Site Preparation

You want to get your new lawn or field off to a good start. The key is to make sure the sod bonds with and thrives on the soil it’s placed on. That means it needs things like proper nourishment and drainage. We make sure your site and your topsoil supports your newly installed sod, which makes for happy, healthy grass.

Soil Improvement

Your investment in quality sod is best protected by making sure that the soil it is installed on is ready to help your new sod root and thrive quickly and nourish it for years to come. We can test your soil and recommend the right fertilizer and soil for your choice of sod and use.

Big Roll Sod Installation

For bigger projects we offer big roll sod installation to get your field, park or golf course ready for use faster. We bring the sod installation equipment and the team to operate it.

Sod Supply

We work with Western Turf Farms, our preferred supplier of a high quality sod that is sustainably grown on their Langley and Abbotsford Turf Farms. They provide a wide choice of sod blends for different climates and uses, including residential & commercial, parks and specially blended and grown sports field sod and golf course sod. Your sod order gets harvested on the day of the delivery for maximum freshness that greatly increases the uptake rate and new growth.

Turf Delivery

We carefully coordinate the site preparation and sod installation with sod delivery to make sure your sod is as fresh and can be when it gets installed. We always recommend that sod gets installed on the day of delivery, and ensure that when we’re in charge of both the sod and the installation, it never sits for excess amounts of time. From the field, straight to you, and onto your soil as quickly as possible. This greatly increases the uptake rate and new growth.

Watering Your New Lawn

We will provide you with our recommendations for watering schedule and techniques, to ensure your newly installed lawn roots quickly and evenly. If there are challenges with watering your property, let us know and we can even provide temporary watering services and equipment.

Sod Removal

We bring a full professional crew and the equipment to quickly and efficiently remove your current grass or weeds, so we can start from a level surface and improve the soil and drainage if needed.

To protect your lawn or field from damage during periods of drought we recommend and assist with the installation of intelligent irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting and storage systems.  [learn more]

Sod Health Assessment

Simply send us a short message and if possible add a photo or short video that can be taken with your phone to show and tell us about your sod health or growing issue. Our sod experts will give you a call to discuss the options and provide recommendations. For larger projects, we can visit your site and determine the specific conditions, amendments, and recommend sod types for your soil and bio-region.

Reinforced Grass Driveway & Grass Parking Installation

Reinforced permeable grass or gravel pavers provide a cost effective and attractive solution against flooding, drainage problems, mud and dust. They are easy and quick to install and significantly reduce driveway maintenance costs. Ideal for residential and farm driveways, public and industrial lots, campings, fairgrounds, golf cart paths, fire lanes etc. Sod Crew provides installation services. Western Turf Farms grows Ecoraster grass pavers.


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