Site Preparation

Turf or Sod Installation
prepare a Sod Installation


We have prepared hundreds of site for sod or turf shipments nad installed turf so that it will last.


Proper site preparation is essential if you want your newly laid sod to transform into a long-lasting, healthy yard, sports field, golf course, or landscaping.


Once the site is properly prepared, Sod Crew can efficiently install the sod to your specifications.

Our Site Sod Preparation plan is unique to the needs and terrain of each site

Service Includes:

Site Preperation Details

Ready for Installation

The team at Sod Crew will ensure your area is 100% ready for a new sod installation.

Avoid Problems

When sod is installed on poorly prepared surfaces, many problems can arise – from failure for the sod to grow and florish to uneven surfaces and weeds taking over.

All types of jobs

Whether you are setting up a putting green, sports field, or a front lawn, The Sod Crew has the site preparaton experience to ensure your new turf will grow and last.

Contact the team at Sod Crew to to get your turf or sod site preparation project underway.


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